The cornerstone of Clínica Díaz Caparrós is the knowledge and professional activities of Doctor Félix Díaz Caparrós, who has accumulated 27 years of experience after completing his Doctorate cum laude in Medicine and Surgery.

Having first specialized in Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat medicine, or ENT), he then trained in aesthetic medicine, and his numerous contributions in the field of research and teaching include publications in international scientific books and journals.

He is a teacher at the University of Murcia, at courses in the “Aulas del Mar” and at the Spanish navy dive centre, making use of his knowledge and experience in the fields of diving and hyperbaric medicine.

The many awards and honours he has received include the gold star for excellence, and he continues his study and research activities to ensure that he remains abreast of the very latest in the fields to which he devotes his professional activity.

Doctor Félix Díaz Caparrós is employed as a specialist otorhinolaryngologist at the Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía, in Area II of the Region of Murcia’s public health service, and combines his activities there with those at his private clinic in the city of Cartagena.