Isabel Torres


I describe myself as an optimist, enterprising, creative, decisive and always positive. What have I done? For 22 years I have worked in customer service and on cash [...]

Isabel Torres2020-06-26T07:45:19+00:00

Elena Galindo


I’m in charge of the advanced aesthetics department of Clínica Díaz Caparrós, and am qualified as an advanced technician in integral aesthetics and wellbeing. I’m friendly, hard-working and [...]

Elena Galindo2020-06-26T07:45:53+00:00

Ignacio del Río


My name is Ignacio and I have worked with English patience for many years.  I have worked with Oxford Optics for over 14 years, running the departments in its [...]

Ignacio del Río2020-06-26T07:46:26+00:00
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