Facial Harmony

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Our “Visia” dermo-cosmetic study allows us to analyse the condition of facial skin and see the dermic lesions which are not visible to the naked eye but have been produced in deeper layers, showing us how your skin will look in seven years’ time.

This means that it is now possible to prevent future dermatological problems and see what specific care is needed to keep healthy, young and good-looking.

This facial analysis allows us to obtain a precise diagnosis of the current condition of the skin (blotches, solar damage, wrinkles, open pores, texture, acne, rosacea, etc), along with information related to the degree of skin aging in each patient. The diagnostic system allows us to determine the “real age” of skin at present and compare it with “ideal” levels which depend on the type of skin.

Armed with the results of the Visia dermo-cometic study, we advise patients individually on the following aspects:

  • How to improve the quality and appearance of the skin using the very latest techniques and materials in cosmetic dermatology, and how to prevent or treat aging of the skin.
  • Prescription of the most appropriate treatment to avoid the appearance of latent skin lesions in the future.
  • How to solve aesthetic and dermo-cosmetic concerns regarding the skin.

One of the great breakthroughs of the Visia dermo-cosmetic study is that it makes it possible to visualize what the condition of the skin will be like in approximately 7 years’ time, since it includes an analysis of lesions which are not yet apparent on the outside but have been caused in deeper layers of the skin, and will therefore become visible in years to come. This makes it a unique tool for the prevention of problems, helping to keep skin healthy and without imperfections for longer.

We have at our disposal the very best dermo-cosmetic products at very competitive prices. These are for medical use, with safety guaranteed and high concentrations of the active substances, unlike traditional cosmetic products.

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Hair Removal

Laser Diode Treatment

Sapphire Laser, high power and intensity.

By using unique 1,200-Watt 200-amp technology we eliminate condensers and supply the energy directly and immediately, significantly reducing charge and discharge time and this increasing strength. The power of Sapphire LS-1200 makes it possible to offer short and long pulses in “burst” mode (FDP) in either of its two working settings.

Depil-Ice cold system

The cooling unit inside the equipment makes it possible to maintain a working temperature of as low as -10 ºC, allowing the patient to appreciate the comfort, protection and low pain level of the treatment. The Sapphire LS-1200 has no deposit or external element, making it easy to transport and re-locate.

Global efficiency

The Sapphire LS-1200 removes hair from all kinds of skin. It works in short pulses of 15 or 30 milliseconds, shorter thermic than the relaxation time of hair, bringing about thermic damage in the germ layer cells which cause hair to grow. Effectiveness is maintained in skin with a high melanin density, where longer pulses of 100 to 400 milliseconds are used.


Depilation using light is the best known aesthetic process in the world, and intense pulses of light are by far the most popular means of carrying out photo-depilation. Using the AFT 650-950 nm head, HarmonyXL can offer very quick and efficient results in reducing hair in all kinds of skin, including tanned skin, and the latest SHR head includes contact cooling and uses IN-MotionTM technology to perform practically painless treatments without inconveniencing the patient: this is the extraordinary Pain Free, Hair FreeTM treatment supplied by Alma Lasers.

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Hair Loss Treatment

A the Clínica Díaz Caparróis we are able to offer the most complete treatment to prevent hair loss and encourage the regeneration of hair, making it a perfect complement for those who have chosen to have a hair implant.

What differentiates us from others in the field is the quality of the product that we obtain from the patient’s blood.

By means of the Endoret PRgF system provided by company BTI, we offer the highest level of growth factors, and together with complementary therapy this produces spectacular results in both men and women.

The treatment lasts for five sessions over the course of seven months.

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Body Treatments

  • Indiba Deep Care>

  • Fat Treatment>

  • Cellulitis Treatment>


On occasion it is necessary to make aesthetic corrections to the nose by means of surgery, and while combining aesthetics and functionality Dr Díaz Caparrós is able to guarantee that the patient is able to breathe perfectly after correcting any imperfections.

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Surgery is the best technique for the correction of defects in the shape of the ear, using a simple and quick technique along with local anaesthesia to achieve permanent results.

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On occasion it is necessary to correct an excess of skin in the eyelids or eliminate fat which protrudes and causes eyelid bags. By means of surgery with local anaesthesia we can restore a youthful, rested appearance to tired-looking faces.

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Female Intimate Genital Treatment

Eva Concept, Intimate Feminine rejuvenation. Our innovative and revolutionary system consists of combining various kinds of treatment in order to help women to feel comfortable with their intimate functionality and aesthetics.

Recommended for improving sexual relations, reducing urinary incontinence and intimate aesthetics, the treatment also leads to a notable increase in female personal self-esteem.

We combine radio frequency treatments such as Indiba deep care and Endoret regenerative medication with the enhancement of the labia majora by means of fillers and reduction of the labia minora.

A complete range of treatment for women consists of 4 lines of treatment:

VOLUME (enhancement of the labia majora)

SHAPE (reduction of the labia minora)

DYNAMIC (the treatment of minor urinary incontinence)

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