The 8-point lift is a new non-surgical facelift technique by which very good results are achieved through a simple process with very few side effects.
What product is used for an 8-point lift?
To carry out the 8-point lift we use a hyaluronic acid with a special molecular structure which, unlike other hyaluronic acids, makes it able to adapt and integrate into tissues and allows a great degree of naturalness, especially in the mobile parts of the face such as cheekbones, cheeks and lips. At the same time it allows a tautness effect without the need to provide much more volume, as in many cases flaccidity occurs without tissue loss.
What are the eight points?
The face is divided into separate anatomic units – cheeks, eyebrows, lips and jaw areas – and within each one a strategic treatment point is marked. In this way, it is simple to inject at only eight points to restore lost volume in a natural and mobile way, thus achieving an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect.

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